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Have Items You Need To Store? Find A Storage Business But Know These Things

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If you are starting to shop around for a storage unit, and you are going to be storing belongings you care about, you want to find the right unit for you. Not only do you need to find a unit that is highly secure, but also that has a reasonable lease policy. 

When you look at the lease for the units, be sure you know things like the payment due dates, late fees, accepted forms of payments, and guidelines. Be sure to be informed of these things.

Type of Security on Property

You need to know what type of security is on the property. Be sure to ask the facility owners at any storage place if they have these security features:

  • 24-hour interior and exterior cameras
  • Locked gated entrance if things are stored outdoors
  • Background checks on staff
  • Roll locks or mechanical locks on the doors

There are a lot of different options for security. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the security features on the property before picking a location and signing a lease.

Items You Can't Store

There will be a list of items that you can't store from the storage company. Things that will be on the list probably include:

  • Live animals
  • Weapons
  • Money
  • Hazardous materials
  • Stolen or illegal items

There may also be a value limit. This means that the storage business doesn't want you to store anything that is over a specific dollar amount.

Items Need Insured

You want to have a storage unit insurance policy to cover the items that you have stored. There may be coverage offered with your lease agreement that you can add on, and a fee will be added to your monthly payment. You can also get your own coverage through an insurance provider that you already use, or that you shop for.

Visit a few different self-storage facilities in person before you pick which location to store your items, and before you start moving your things in. Ask if you can get any type of discount for paying for the full lease in advance, or if you set up automatic payments.

If you have a lot of items that you want to store, but you have never used a storage facility before, you want to do your research. Read the contract details to make sure you know exactly what you are responsible for, and what you are allowed to do and not do.

To find out more, visit a self-storage company today.