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Giving Yourself Room To Walk Through Your Self-Storage Unit

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If you have several personal items that you intend on bringing to a storage unit, you want to make sure you have enough room to navigate throughout the rented space when you need to. Try these steps to keep some areas of your storage unit free for moving around without difficulty.  

Make Sure Your Storage Unit Is Large Enough

If you find you are constantly visiting your storage unit to add belongings, consider an upgrade on the amount of space you rent. Most storage unit facilities have several different-sized units available to select from. Contact the facility directly to inquire about the storage units they have available and what size specifications each of them provides. If there are no units available, voice your interest in being added to a waiting list so you can move your belongings from one unit to another when a larger one is ready for you.

Plan A Spot For Each Of Your Items

Instead of placing items inside of your unit in any area that you find that they will fit, devise a plan beforehand. Create a map on a piece of paper that you can refer to when you visit your unit. Categorize your items so similar pieces are next to each other, making it easier for them to locate. Having a plan in place for your belongings will make it easier for you to leave open pathways to get from spot to spot.

Use The Right Tools To Keep Items Out Of The Way

Instead of using all of the floor space for the storage of your items, use a few handy tools to raise them up. Place a utility shelving unit in your allotted space to keep several smaller items within reach and in eye view. Add a few hooks to the walls to hang longer items so they do not cause possible tripping hazards as you walk through your unit. Invest in several plastic storage tubs of the same size and shape so they can be stacked along the perimeter of your unit.

Start From The Back And Work Your Way Forward

As you place items in your storage unit, use all the available space along the back wall first. There is no need to keep space behind these items as there is nothing behind them that requires you to walk in this area. After the first layer of your belongings is added, leave a few feet of space in front of them to use as a walkway. Add more items, leaving pathways along the sides of the room or a pathway in the center of the room.

Visit a local self-storage service to learn more.