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Selling Your Home? 3 Strategies To Use Self-Storage To Stage It

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One of the most common pieces of advice for home sellers is to stage your home. Staging, the careful curation of the home's look, encourages minimalism and the removal of anything which might distract buyers from visualizing themselves living there. 

If you need to stage your home, a self-storage unit can help make it easy and cheap. Here are a few ways it will help sell your home fast.

1. Store Extra Furnishings

One of the key elements of most staging is to reduce the number of furnishings and decor throughout the house. This opens up the home, makes it feel airier and more welcoming, and aids buyers in seeing their own stuff in its place. 

Self-storage is the easiest and cheapest way to move your extra furnishings and accessories off the property. You don't have to decide what to keep or get rid of at this point, either. 

2. Move Overflow Off-Site

Perhaps furnishings and decor aren't the problem for your staging efforts. You might have an overflowing closet, a pantry filled with bulk purchases, or all your kids' old clothes waiting for younger siblings to need them. Americans often need to store a wide array of things that may not be needed right now, but which they will need eventually. 

When selling the house, though, you may be advised to limit stored stuff. In this case, use the self-storage facility as a sort of additional closet, pantry, or garage. You have access to your things, but your home will look clean and neat for buyers. 

3. Borrow Furniture from Others

Professional home stagers have an inventory of temporary furniture they bring in to achieve the right look for the local real estate market. Could you spruce up your furniture for free by borrowing or even renting some nice pieces? 

Place your furniture in storage and set out the temporary items just for the home sale process. Because your goal is to sell and move, this even gives you a head start on packing up your large furniture. 

Where to Start

No matter what strategy you want to apply as you stage your home, the best place to begin is by finding a secure self-storage facility near your home. With a wide range of sizes and unit locations, you'll find a great spot to temporarily park your stuff. And then, you can proudly show off your home to buyers and make short work of selling it.

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