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Maintaining Inventory On Pallet Racks: Three Pieces Of Essential Equipment

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Managing your inventory is essential in a warehouse environment, and the right type of material handling equipment can make it easier to maintain goods stored on your pallet racks. When looking for this type of equipment, you'll want to consider the layout of your pallet racks and how to keep warehouse staff safe as they work. Here is a closer look at some types of material handling equipment you can use to keep your inventory flowing smoothly. 

Pallet Stackers

Scissor-lift pallet stackers do double-duty in your warehouse. They let you move pallets to and from the loading dock, and they can also make it easier to stack inventory on your pallet racks. Fully powered stackers can expedite the process of moving goods through the warehouse. However, for a smaller space or tight aisles in a larger warehouse, a manual stacker might be the better option. Remember that manual stackers might not have the same reach as a scissor-lift model. Some features to look for in a stacker might include:

  • Turning radius
  • Maximum pallet height
  • Total weight capacity

As you look for a pallet stacker, consider the average amount of goods you need to move each day, as well as the size of the aisles between pallet racks. This will give you a better idea of which options are right for your workplace. 

Pallet Positioners

Pallet positioners take the hassle out of flipping your inventory to face in the proper direction. Most have a 360-degree rotating turntable to make rotating pallets of inventory simple, and they may also have springs or scissor lifts to reach higher shelves on your pallet racks. When space is limited and it's difficult for your crew to manually rotate skids of goods, a pallet positioner offers an excellent solution. When shopping for one of these pieces of equipment, consider the following:

  • Lift mechanism
  • Maximum height reached
  • Diameter of turntable

Pallet positioners can be complex pieces of machinery, so be sure to look for a model that arrives already assembled to take the guesswork out of the setup. 

Pallet Stands

Pallet stands are essential for packing goods onto your pallets or skids. They keep the entire unit supported as you position boxes of inventory, and the height can be adjusted for an easier reach as your team loads up your products. You can also add a turntable to create a manual positioner if purchasing a separate piece of equipment, like that listed above, is not in your warehouse's budget. There are many different types of pallet stands on the market, so keep the following in mind as you look for one to add to your collection of material handling equipment:

  • Number of height positions
  • Maximum height and payload
  • Lift mechanism

You'll want to make sure that the stand reaches the right height for your pallet stackers and trucks to transition each skid full of inventory for placement on pallet racks. For a large warehouse, several stands might make it easier for staff to manage the flow of inventory as it arrives. 

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