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3 Reasons Why You Might Need A Heated Storage Unit This Winter

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As winter arrives and the temperature outside beings to drop, you will likely take precautions as a homeowner to keep your home as cozy as possible. What if you have items stored in an unfinished basement or attic? Chances are the temperature in those sections of the house is going to drop far lower than it will in your living areas. Here are three scenarios in which it might be a good idea to consider renting a heated storage unit for the winter:

You Have Wooden or Antique Furniture

If your basement is unfinished and/or not waterproof, there's a chance things could get a bit damp during the winter months. As moisture fills the air, some of it will no doubt transfer to your wooden or antique furniture. Moisture and wood don't mix, and it won't be long before the wood starts to develop rot. By removing your most sensitive furniture from your home before winter arrives, you can ensure that it will still be in mint condition the next spring. A climate-controlled storage unit will keep your furniture at the perfect temperature to preserve it through the winter or all year long.

You Have Comics, Stamps, Newspapers, and Other Paper-Based Items

if you take great pride in a special collection of stamps or other collectibles, you of course are going to want to make sure your collection's value is fully preserved through the winter. If you don't have space to bring these items out of the attic, a heated storage unit is your best choice. Failing to remove paper-based items before the temperature drops will cause a problem with moisture, just like your furniture. Instead of rot, however, your paper collectibles are likely to curl or stick together. If you wait until you notice a problem developing, it's probably already too late.

You Have a Large Clothing Collection

Do you regularly take your summer clothes into the basement or attic every winter when it's time to switch out your wardrobe? You may not even realize it, but moisture in your basement could cause issues with your wardrobe as well. If an article of clothing is left out in the open and not properly wrapped or placed in a plastic bin, you risk having mildew and mold develop here as well.

Don't let your valuable belongings suffer damage this winter while sitting in an unfinished part of the house. Contact a local provider of storage units today to inquire about climate control options.