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Storage Trailers For Your Camping Gear – How To Care For Your Gear

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Do you love getting out into the wild for a week or weekend of camping? Do you run into the common issue of not having enough storage space for all of the gear that you need for a relaxing trip? If you struggle to keep your camping gear organized and out of the way, it's time for you to consider a storage trailer. Here, you will find a few tips that can help you pack up your camping gear and keep it organized, clean and in ready-to-use condition:

Invest in a Storage Trailer

A storage trailer is an awesome option for storing your camping gear. You can keep it at your home during peak camping season and then move it to an off-site location for storage during the months that you won't be using it often. When it's time to camp, you just have to hook up the trailer to your car, truck, or SUV and head out for some outdoor fun.


Tents come in so many sizes, shapes, and designs. They can take up a lot of space even when they are taken down and packed up in their storage bags. If taken care of, the tent that you may have spent hundreds of dollars on can last many years before you even need to think about replacing it.

When you return home from a camping trip, set your tent up in your yard or driveway.  It is difficult to get the tent truly clean out in the woods, so setting it up at home will make it possible for you to get it as clean as possible. You need to not only sweep out the inside but wipe down the floor and the walls inside and out. The goal here is to remove all of the insects, hidden moisture and any dirt that could cause discolorations or holes.

Once you have your tent clean and completely dry, pack it up and store it towards the front of your storage trailer.

Sleeping Bags

So many people make the mistake of only washing their sleeping bags when they get so stinky and dirty that they can't imagine sleeping in them. Think about all of the things that the sleeping bag has been exposed to – campfire smoke, insects galore and even poison ivy, oak and sumac – Take the time to wash that sleeping bag following each trip.

After the sleeping bags are clean and dry, roll them up and store them in a plastic tote to keep them safe from insects and moisture.


Remove the batteries from your lanterns and flashlights if you won't be using them for several weeks. This will help to preserve the batteries and prevent battery corrosion in the compartments.

Start looking for storage trailers now. You know that it would make your camping experiences much easier to enjoy and give you the space you need to store it all when you're not using it.