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3 Types Of Self-Storage To Look Into

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Storage is a great option for those who just don't have enough room for their possessions but who don't want to get rid of them. Self-storage is often an option that many look into after a move, whenever they have a lot of collectibles, or whenever they inherit someone else's possessions. When it comes to self-storage, there are plenty of options available that many may be unaware of. Here are three types of self-storage to look into.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage units tend to be the most affordable and common types of storage units. They are easy to find and a great option for those who have items that can stand up to extreme temperatures. For those who are looking to store temperature sensitive items, climate controlled storage is likely to be the better option. The cost of a storage unit will vary depending on its size. A 5 by 10-foot unit will cost between $35 to $50 per month on average while a 10 by 30-foot unit will cost around $175 per month.

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage is a must for anything that can be affected by changes in temperatures. Things like artwork, musical instruments, and some types of furniture should be kept in climate controlled storage where the temperatures stay within a more comfortable range. It will cost an extra $30 to $50 per month for climate-controlled self-storage. However, the cost is worth it to keep valuables in good condition. Climate controlled storage not only keeps temperatures from becoming too extreme, it also keeps the humidity in check. Climate controlled storage is a must for many who live in hot and humid climates.

Portable Storage Container

Self-storage facilities are a great way to keep items safe and sound. However, if there is no facility nearby or if someone wants to keep their possessions on their property, there is another option. Portable storage containers are a great option for someone who temporarily needs to move items out of their home but wants to keep them on their property. These containers can also be shipped, which makes them ideal for moving. The average cost of a portable storage container is between $175 and $230 per month plus the cost of delivery.

Self-storage is something that many people find themselves requiring at some point in time. There are plenty of options available in these situations. Outdoor self-storage is the most economical and easiest to find but it only works when the items are able to stand up to extreme temperatures. Climate controlled self-storage is a great option for those who have temperature sensitive valuables such as artwork or musical instruments. For those who want self-storage on their own property, portable storage containers may be the right option.