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Renting A Storage Unit: Supplies To Buy Before You Rent

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When you are ready to rent a self-storage unit from a place like Afford It Mini Storage, you'll need some supplies to get organized and protect your items while they are stored away. Use this guide to stock up on everything you need, and make the process of moving in to your storage unit a bit easier.

Garage Cabinet Set

Garage cabinet sets aren't just for the garage. They can be used to create an organizational system in your storage unit. Purchase a set with cabinets and drawers in varying sixes, which you can use to pack away small boxes, plastic storage bins, and other items you'll be placing in the storage unit. You can even use one section of cabinets to store some smaller storage supply items, such as tissue paper and markers.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets provide a layer of defense against scratches, scuffs, and dirt for your furniture. Use them to protect wood furniture, mirrors, and other large items. You can also use moving blankets to cover mattresses so they don't become torn or stained while in the storage unit.


Pallets give you a convenient way to keep your boxes off of the floor, which can provide air circulation underneath and protect them from moisture that might otherwise collect on cold concrete floors. Pallets can also come in handy when you are moving in and out of your storage unit, as they can be used with a pallet jack or forklift. Your storage facility may have these types of equipment available for use by tenants. If you do use pallets to move items in and out, be sure to secure your boxes with plastic wrap. The wrap keeps your boxes bundled together so they don't fall during the moving process.

Dry-Erase Tape

Dry-erase tape takes some of the hassle out of re-labeling your boxes as you rotate items in and out of the storage unit. The tape works with dry-erase markers, giving you a convenient way to change the labels on each box to indicate what is inside them. Keep a roll on-hand when you are bringing new items into your storage unit, and wipe away old labels on boxes you've removed items from. This ensures all of your labels are accurate without having to worry about removing old labels or having to write directly on the boxes.

With the right supplies, you can easily organize and re-arrange your items as needed. Use this list to help stock up on the essentials you need for your self-storage unit.