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Self-Storage Options To Consider For Your Seasonal Items

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Seasonal items, including clothing, appliances, outdoor equipment, and other belongings, take up a lot of space in your home. To be better organized and help keep your seasonal items in proper rotation, consider self-storage.

There are many options for housing your seasonal items in self-storage. Here are some of them to consider.

Climate controlled storage

If you have any items going into storage that require an even temperature, consider climate-controlled storage for your self-storage needs. This type of storage involves units that are temperature controlled to keep them from getting too much humidity and allow the units to remain at temperatures that won't damage temperature-sensitive items like leather, fur, and some equipment items.

A climate-controlled storage unit can be more expensive than a traditional unit that has no temperature settings; however, this option is worth it when you don't want to risk potentially damaging your seasonal things when you have them in storage.

Exterior access storage

Do you have heavy loads of large or bulky equipment storage items and don't want to use self-storage because of the inconvenience of moving these items around? When you pick a self-storage unit that has exterior access, it's easier to unload and store items because you don't have to take them down a long hallway or inside main doors before getting to your unit. Simply use a moving ramp to get things out of your vehicle and into an exterior storage unit to make moving seasonal items — and taking them back out of storage again — easy and convenient.

Extended stay units

If you have seasonal or occasional items you don't need to gain access to in the near future, an interior access unit may be best for your needs. These units have entries that can only be accessed by going inside the storage unit facility, so if you want to leave items in storage until the next appropriate season, this may be the best way to go.

What makes self-storage options so convenient for you is this: you can pay for your storage unit needs on a monthly basis and cancel your contract whenever you wish within the requirements of your storage unit rental contract. Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes and prices, so pick your budget and visit a local self-storage facility to look at available units. Once you find the self-storage solution for your needs, you'll pay a deposit and first month's fees, then pay monthly until you no longer need your unit.